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Our goal is to help provide individuals of all ages, families, and community groups make healthy choices, which will reduce the likelihood of problems associated with alcohol, tobacco, other drug use and destructive decisions. Prevention can only be accomplished through continuous and dedicated programs directed at all age levels. By working together, we strengthen our community and our commitment for a bright future.

Communities know that a positive attitude advocating the need for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention is the key ingredient for success. ZION Integrated Behavioral Health Services is actively involved in workplace consultation, and coalition building. Our focus is on presenting current, factual information, which empowers communities to strengthen environments that allow people to achieve their potential and contribute positively to society.

Schools look to us to provide positive, research-based presentations, programs, and training on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and abuse prevention. Students from pre-school through high school participate in age-appropriate, fun, and non-threatening programs that reinforce the benefits of making healthy choices. They need to be taught the skills to create healthy relationships and how to take an active part in their community. They need a clear set of norms about non-use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention: Programs and Activities

  • Prime for Life Under 21-Minor
  • Alcohol Offenders
  • Drivers Education: Drunken Drivers
  • Alcohol/Binge Drinking Classroom Education
  • Alcohol Prevention Media Campaigns
  • College Binge Drinking Presentations
  • College Drug Addiction Presentations
  • Proper Prescription Medication
  • Disposal Activities
  • Coordinate Drug Drop Off sites and events
  • Alcohol and Drug Information Dissemination
  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy Change
  • Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace Presentation
  • LifeSkills Curriculum – MS/HS
  • Your Life Iowa Information Dissemination

Community Coalition Involvement and Other Services

  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
  • SAFE Coalitions
  • Community Health Fairs
  • Child Abuse Prevention Councils
  • Tobacco Prevention Coalitions
  • Community Interagency Meetings to distribute information
  • AC4C-The Alliance of Coalitions 4 Change
  • DECAT-SDMT Creston and Leon Clusters-Promise Partners Coalition
  • Civic Group and School Presentations
  • Collaboration with Schools, Law Enforcement, Community Agencies and Residents to reduce Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • CLEAN- Community Leadership Efforts Acting Now

Our Prevention Specialists

Jodi Haley

Prevention Supervisor for Service Area’s 12 & 13
Certified Prevention Specialist

Damon Clark

Certified Prevention Specialist

Lisa Carstens

Prevention Specialist

Dawn Walton

Certified Prevention Specialist

Amanda McCall

Prevention Specialist

Jessica Petter

Prevention Specialist

Amanda Wahlert

Prevention Specialist

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(712) 243-5091

Emergency Phone – (712) 542-3720

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