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Extended Outpatient/Continuing Care

The extended outpatient program is a nonresidential modality totaling fewer than nine (9) hours per week of therapeutic services incorporating individual, group, and/or family counseling, drug testing, and ongoing bio-psychosocial assessment of behavioral health needs; substance use, mental health, biomedical needs and problematic gambling. It is designed for individuals needing core service elements include, but not limited to, the dynamics and ramification of substance use, the addiction process, personal risk factors, medical, behavioral, legal and societal aspects of behavioral health concerns, responsible decision making, refusal skills, relapse prevention, development of healthy coping skills, provide insight and stabilization of problematic co-occurring needs.

The Continuing Care treatment component is designed to provide a support mechanism with individuals who have completed a treatment regime and have been exposed to relapse prevention strategies, allowing implementation of developed skills while maintaining ongoing support. Programming may consist of individual, group, and/or family counseling services, minimum of one (1) hour per month. Primary focus is for clinicians to monitor biological, physiological, psychological, emotional, life circumstance, societal or peer pressures, facilitate recovery plans, aid engagement with community support networks, and assist the individual in monitoring motivational strategies in sustaining recovery for further stability in an individual’s life.

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