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Substance Use Disorder/Problem Gambling Assessment

We understand an assessment may cause anxious feelings, however we would like to commend you on taking the first step! Nearly everyone is faced with challenges that seem overwhelming at some time in their lives and completing an assessment to address demonstrates great personal strength.

To aid in understanding the process, some common questions and hints are included below.

On average, an assessment appointment will last between 1-2 hours. An assessment consists of completion of necessary paperwork as well as discussion regarding events and background information leading to completion of your assessment. The counselor will ask you some questions to better understand your concerns and discuss with you available options.

As with all services conducted with ZION Integrated Behavioral Health Services, the information you share is confidential and is not released unless you sign a release of information permitting disclosure or if law requires disclosure.

If you are completing an assessment as recommended by an external source, such as DHS, probation officer, court system, etc, it is recommended to bring any paperwork you have received from them with you to your appointment. Some individuals find it helpful to write down a list of questions, concerns, notes and/or records to help remember and describe the situation.

At the time of your assessment, drug testing may be requested.
You are welcome to include family members or other supportive individuals with you to your assessment appointment.
Payment is requested at time of assessment. For further information, please see “Fees for Services”.

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