Peer Recovery Program

Make your own recovery the priority in your life!

What Is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching is a person-centered strength-based approach for supporting people who suffer from their own or someone else’s addictions. Recovery Coaches are allies and mentors who view a person as being in recovery when that person begins to consider making life changes and evaluating the harmful effects of alcohol and drug use.Contact ZION Recovery to determine if you meet criteria to benefit from Recovery Coaching.

Program Requirements

Must meet substance abuse criteria.
Commit to weekly face to face visits.
Allow for frequent recovery related contacts.
Demonstrate a desire to live a healthier life.
Be ready to take action in your life.

What We Do

Create a partnership with a person in recovery
Help create a vision for your recovery
Help identify and remove barriers to success
Provide access to community resources to include recovery services and support groups
Serve as a personal mentor and guide
Support people on ALL paths to recovery
Help people build and achieve life goals
Help you explore feelings, provide encouragement and celebrate successes
Support positive change
Meet you where you are in your recovery.

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