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ZION Integrated Behavioral Health Services, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed in Southwest Iowa in 1973 to assure delivery of services for substance use disorder treatment and related problems to six (6) counties. These counties include Adair, Cass, Dallas, Fremont, Montgomery, and Page.

The organization in which initially served this area was the Southwest Iowa Alcoholism Center of Creston, Iowa. ZION Integrated Behavioral Health Services, Inc. (formerly Alcohol & Drug Assistance Organization, Inc.) assumed the work begun by the Southwest Iowa Alcoholism Center of Creston. The forming of a new corporate body to act as grantee for funding was necessary, so the ZION Integrated Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Board of Directors was formed. The organization’s headquarters were relocated to Atlantic, Iowa in Cass County.

Offices are located throughout Service Area 12 in Atlantic, Shenandoah, Clarinda, Red Oak, Greenfield, Perry and Adel with substance use disorder and problem gambling outpatient comprehensive services. Adult male (18+) residential/halfway house facility located in Clarinda, Iowa in Page County on the Clarinda Treatment Complex.

In 2013, ZION expanded services to include prevention awareness covering Comp 9 and 10 Catchment Area which are known today as Area 12 and Area 13. Presently, ZION is the subcontractor for prevention services in Area 13 partnering with Crossroads located in Creston, Iowa.

In line with the organization’s mission, ZION Integrated Behavioral Health Services became the managing entity of Southwest Iowa Mental Health Center in July 2018 and expanded the outpatient mental health component of the program in October 2019 to include Dallas and Guthrie counties. With this expansion new services began to be offered by ZION Integrated Behavioral Health Services through obtaining and awarded Chapter 24 Accreditation to provide crisis stabilization.


In October 2020, ZION was awarded Chapter 24 Outpatient Mental Health Accreditation.

July 2021, ZION enhanced services for mental health crisis stabilization and transitional housing by managing Harbor Point located in Clarinda, Iowa.

July 1, 2023 ZION was awarded the designation of Community Mental Health Center for the counties of Cass, Audubon, Guthrie and Greene.

We maintain a treatment environment which welcomes and enhances the safety and positive self image of patients while preserving their dignity. All persons will be approached with respect and communicated within a manner of courtesy and respect. Priority is given to protecting the rights of all individuals seeking substance use disorder, problem gambling and mental health services throughout the organizations.

Our Mission

To support wellness through intervention, advocacy, and education.


Our Philosophy

ZION Integrated Behavioral Health Services promotes respect, honesty, and integrity while interacting with all individuals. We present a welcoming, safe and confidential environment while encouraging personal growth and healing.


Our Values

Wellness      Empowerment      Compassion      Accountability      Respect      Excellence


Helping people overcome their struggles and addictions is what we do. Our validation comes from the people we’ve helped.

“It’s hard to thank someone for giving you your life back.”

“When I first came here I was very skeptical. As I got to know my counselor and others in my group it became fun, like you had a second family.”

“I love this place, peers and staff will be missed but I will be back for groups and meetings.”

“There are many things that I have learned and use on a day to day basis. I am glad this place is here because I was ready to make a change and ZION was here to help me through the process.”

“This facility has been great. Very flexible and understanding. Keep it up!”

“The staff was outstanding, helpful and courteous. I will miss them all.”

“I feel like the staff truely care about each and every person here and I thank them for that.”

“I have received so much help here, my life is clearer and I am a better person. Thanks.”

“I thank you guys for your time and effort to help me get back on the right track in life.”

Directors & Officers

Charla Schmid

Montgomery County Supervisor


Matt Wedemyer

Adair County Supervisor

Chariman of the governing body

Todd Maher

Page County Supervisor



Bernard Pettinger

Cass County Supervisor

Brad Golightly

Dallas County Supervisor

Vice-Chairman of the governing body

Karmen Roland


Laurie Cooley



Chris Clark

Fremont County Supervisor


Chuck Morris


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